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Enchanté ! Nice to get to know you

Thank your for being here with us. In 2002 we came to France for a shortbreak in this area between Lot and Dordogne. We came as a tourist for a week but came back as a Monflanquin citizen and we still are those days.

In march 2002 we had no plans whatsoever to move from our beloved home in Ammerstol (South-Holland) by the Lek river to a small French village that would need to be entirely renovated. But we did! Seeing Boulede was falling in love with it, a coup de foudre as the French say. While wandering around with the owner (1 out of 14 inheritants) and at least 50 keys for all the buildings an instant good feeling took us over ... for this hamlet, its authentic buildings and its personal history where so many people had lived, worked & loved before we came the neo-citizens with our daughters - toddlers at the time - Danne & Fien, and Marthe born here (the first newborn since 25 years).

Boulède is still is "work in progress" while we go along with our new ideas and plans of what Boulede should become; A good place to share with others to experience 100% me-time, family time, joie de vivre in a peaceful natural environment and a nice home made with love by our hands & hearts.

Feel@home ...

Rolf & Karen

Danne, Fien & Marthe

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